#1. Try something. Anything.

backgammon-precision-dice-dark-red_primaryFrom the initial days of the dot-com era to social media, mobile apps, http://www.gulsanpolimer.com/?hs=final-fantasy-version-12-pc convergence, http://www.gulsanpolimer.com/?hs=round-button-psd integration and so on, ad agencies and media companies have been trying to “crack the code.” As if there was a system or formula to connect brands with customers in the digital age.

Transformation was another affirmation that all brands, all audiences, all strategies and tactics are unique unto themselves. Doing your homework and knowing your audience are always critical, but leaning too hard on data is not the path to an idea.

Sure, there are some hard-earned rules of thumb, case studies and metrics, but there’s no formula. There is creativity and inventiveness. There is trial and error. There is trying stuff and sticking with what works.

From Subservient Chicken to Oreo’s “Dunk With The Lights Out,” one thing comes through: Great brands and their creative partners utilize a lot of gut instinct and chance.

As Oreo’s Lisa Mann put it, “You can use analytics to guide you but you have to trust your gut.”