We do not create art. We create belief.

Throughout history, civilization relied on the gods, saints and icons to assign meaning to the random events of our world. They gave reason to natural phenomena beyond our understanding.
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In their truest sense, brands are shorthand for what we believe. Are you a Wal-Mart person, or a Target person? Are you an Apple person, or Samsung? Pepsi? Or Coke?


Today, brands help give us meaning to the overcrowded store shelves, levels of technology, information and social media content.

In the book Legendary Brands, Laurence Vincent claims that “Brand mythology acts upon the cognitive centers of the brain in much the same way that religion and other deeply held beliefs do. Legendary Brands, like most religions, gain their strength through narrative.”

Copywriting is the key to this narrative — and a lost art. Contrary to most copywriting, there is more to our craft than stringing together mandatories. But that’s often what we default to. It seems the number of people who actually understand brand voice is dwindling.

gbk chicago sirens It seems the number of people who actually understand brand voice is dwindling.

We can decide if our agency is a temple for brands, or just a clearinghouse for product attributes. Bad work happens when the lack of belief and lack of simplicity create a vacuum, filled with every artistic whim or client mandate that happens to be nearby.

So stop creating art. Start creating belief.