The Death And Resurrection Of Advertising

Advertising will be fine, it will evolve and survive. We however, will evolve or die. Like global warming, the Earth will be just fine, it’s the inhabitants we need to save.

We know that the media landscape has changed. And that agencies are scrambling to keep up. Brands like Google and Facebook are encroaching on our strategic, creative and media turf.

It used to be Advertising, PR and Promotion. Now, it’s a zillion things. Yikes.

As a result, everyone is looking for the Magic Bullet. I’ve actually heard major league CMO’s say stuff like “We’ve gotta crack the code on Facebook” and “It all comes down to the hashtag.”

There is no magic bullet. There is only (drum roll) Trying Stuff. Want to figure out the next mobile breakthrough? Try something. Social Media? Try something.

best green leaf stevia There is no magic bullet. There is only Trying Stuff.

The audience is in charge. Instead of sitting passively in front of content, they seek it out. This shift has created a new role for advertising and creative content. Smart agencies and studios have created skunkworks to experiment with ideas their clients haven’t asked for while the mothership works on the assignments the clients did ask for.

Rather than reacting to brand challenges with an “engagement strategy” we need to create advertising that makes people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. The brands actual products once served this purpose. Now the advertising also must do it. Advertising must make it easier for people to be themselves.